Day 167

Today I was trying to finish up father's day presents (yes I know, I'm procrastinating!). I was taking pictures of my little girl .....
And not paying attention to my son. He snuck into some Hot Tamales, and then ripped the tags of his sister's shirt and stuck them on his head. Then he climbed up on the bed, and said "take picture me." My daughter and me definitely giggled once we saw this precious face.


Day 158

He loves watching "Po-pawn-tiss" with his sister.


Day 157

He loves this book, just like his sister did when she was his age. This book is all about animal noises, and we were trying to work on them. Whenever I asked him what sound an animal made he would always say "Oink, Oink!"
At church he was looking at a picture of Jesus Christ sitting with children. I asked him what Jesus said to the children and he answered very seriously, "Oink, Oink" :) Needless to say, we weren't very reverent in church after that cute answer.


Day 155

She went to Grandma's house to set up a baby pool to play with a little later in the day. She came back drenched...that's because Daddy set up the slip'n'slide and let her play on it. She bundled up in her favorite robe, till it was time to go back.


Day 154

I was taking pictures of things to sell on craigslist. This cute little face walked up to me and said "take picture me". How could I resist? He even kept his eyes open without me having to ask. Maybe he's finally over that silly "phase" he had.


Day 153

I was trying to better about posting on here, but then life got in the way. We are moving in a week and decided this about a week ago, so you can imagine things are a little wild around our house.

Among all the craziness I realized I needed to figure out father's day presents, especially if I need to send pictures out to my lab. So we played around today, and I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do. Here's a little sneak peek, but shh... don't tell my hubby.


Day 147

I'm so excited! I finished off our honeynut cheerios this morning and found this $10 credit card on the bottom of the box.
p.s. don't judge me, I don't have makeup on yet since it's still morning.


Day 144

This is the true meaning of a story board. Alone these pictures don't mean too much, but as a collection, they tell a story. And I'll share the story with you...

The middle picture is actually the first, I heard rain outside today and opened my front door and this was the view I had. The beautiful rainbow with the dark sky, but it was still sunny right outside my door. It was awesome! I decided to let my kids play in the rain (since this is one of my FAVORITE things to do, and I want them to love it as well).

My kids were wearing the pjs, they hadn't changed from the night before. My son loves this shirt that we are borrowing from his grandma. On the back of his shirt is one of those creatures that are half man/half horse. The creature is bare chested and has a long pony tail, and apparently looks a lot like Jesus (in my son's mind). So when he wear this shirt he tells everyone that he's wearing his Jesus shirt, or in his words "My Jesus on my back". I actually think the picture on the left looks like he belongs to some cult. The other reason I like the picture on the left is because he's holding his crackers. He's not happy with just a couple crackers, he wants to carry around the whole package, and he'll eat almost all of it too. And one more things about the picture, I love the foliage in the background. The neighbors house above us has the beautiful garden and it flow over their wall into our parking lot. We get to see these beautiful jasmine plants and smell them as well. A few weeks ago their honeysuckle plant was in bloom and we got to teach the kids how to suck the sweet nectar out of them. We are moving in a few weeks and I will miss that beautiful wall.

The last picture (the one on the right) is beacause I love his eyes. Also, you can see he has jam on his face still from dinner, and you can see rain drops on his shirt and his forehead.

It was definately a chill day, but was completed with a beautiful rainbow and a summer shower!


Day 143

Look at her darling face. I can't believe how fast she's growing up.


Day 142

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for letting us share youe birthday. It was fun cooking you dinner and giving you yummy treats and fun presents. My kids loved it too, especially since they got to get out of bed to eat cake and ice cream :)


Day 141

My little babysitter. She loves her cousin and wanted to help feed him. Can you tell how happy she is? Thanks auntie for being a sweetheart and letting my kids play house with your baby.


Day 140

For you Megan!

We are just getting ready for our guests to arrive. My daughter and I made this bouquet. We bought some flowers from the store (which she chose) and used some jasmine hanging over the wall from our neighbor's house to create this arrangement. It was a fun and quick project to do with my daughter. Now hopefully it will make our guests feel welcome :)


Day 111

So it's been a really long time since I've posted. Maybe I'll go through my pictures and catch up (or maybe not). But here's little girl GRADUATED preschool!!!


Day 89

These little hands are so willing to help mommy. Sometimes its hard to let her, but when I do she has so much fun and does a great job. Today she asked to help me make strawberry jam. Although she made a big mess, she had a fun time and we shared a few laughs.


Day 87

We were visiting family again and this little man is so cute that I just had to take more pictures of him. I know it's about the same as 2 posts ago, but I don't care.


Day 85

I totally was lazy with my camera this week. But here's one finally! We were doing cousin pictures today. My son is trying to say hi to his baby cousin-but also is not being as nice as he should be cuz he's a full blown terrible 2. My daughter who is super bossy is trying to tell him to stop it. Luckily the baby got out alive!

Day 78

Wow, this little guy is big enough to eat rice cereal! This was his first attempt at it. He was so adorable.


Day 77

We had to switch his crib into a bed today. My baby's growing up :(


Day 76

My little girl loves to do crafty things. I bought this little project at Michael's for $1. She just had to paint all the wooden pieces, and then you put it all together like a puzzle and it's a dolphin.


Day 75

We walked to the park today and it was HOT! So we came home and ate yummy popscicles. I thought it would be a great time to take my picture of the day. Well along came a bee and interrupted everything-dang bee! My daughter wasn't happy about him showing up and my son LOVED it. He kept laughing and calling it a baby (his word for any sort of bug). I decided to show you the images of the bee flying around them. If you look close you can see the bee. Mostly I just love how different their expressions are.
And Daddy wore this awesome bow-tie at work (which I found for him) HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!


Day 74

Today my daughter had a Dr. appointment (kindergarten physical). We love her dr's office because they are so nice AND they give us free coupons for things. Today we got free ice cream cones from Arctic Circle, and last time we got coupons for free kid meals from Del Taco. We used both today!


Day 72

ME: "Where's Daddy?"

I thought the 2 sickies were snuggling together, but here's my little monster wandering downstairs with chips all over his face. I guess Daddy got tired and just let him be unsupervised for awhile. That's why he's smiling a little bit in the picture-even though he's sick, he got CHIPS! and I think a sucker too.


Day 71

"What's so special about this photo?" might be what you are thinking.
Well I'll tell you, it was a momentous day in our home!!! We like to celebrate Christmas all year (or we are just plain LAZY, you can decide) so we have had part of our nativity set up. Yesterday I decided to pack them all away. They were the last of our Christmas decorations up, so we now are season free in our home :)


Day 70

My poor little boy is sick. I thought he just had a cold, but he hasn't kicked it and then he got a bad cough. Turns out he's got bronchitis (his first major sickness). Sorry to anyone we've been in contact with. I honestly thought it was a common cold. I especially feel bad for the 2 we were around this last weekend who have infants. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help out if you're kids catch it. I truly am sorry :(
The Dr.'s order- medicated eye drops, anti-bacterial medicine, fluids, rest, and humidifier. The pharmacist said they've filled 3 orders of the same anti-biotic as ours in the first hour they were opened. Seems like lots of junk is floating around out there.


Day 69

These blossoms just keep popping up all over the place-so BEAUTIFUL! I just wish it would be in a couple more months. I love spring, but I H.A.T.E. summer-at least where I live, and the sooner spring is here, the sooner it's summer:(


Day 67

Pretending to be a pirate


Day 66

So with the last two self-portraits, my husband says they look nothing like me. And several others have agreed. Since my sister was here, I decided to try and take pictures of her, that didn't look like her either. (I don't think I suceeded, but they were still fun and she's GORGEOUS!)


Day 65

You would think I would be posting of the birthday boy since it was his party, but he wasn't as festive as some of the other guests who showed up. Thanks to all who came and helped us celebrate our little boy...we celebrated Mickey Mouse style.

Here's one of his aunt's in some fuzzy ears that remind me of minnie mouse and she had a shirt that reminded me of minnie as well.

Here's another aunt being sassy with her minnie ears on.And then some princesses showed up. Can you tell which ones they are?

SIDE NOTE: If you look at the picture in the previous post, compare the 2 girls on each end in both pictures. They are the same people :)


Day 64

QUESTION: What do you do on a Friday night when you live in a small town? ANSWER: Dress like boys and go to the movies!!!


Day 62

I used to hate doing self portraits, but I'm starting to have fun with them. I actually curled my hair and really got ready for the day, so I thought I'd take a few pictures.


Day 60

Sorry I've been in a funk lately, I haven't even touched my camera the last few days. But here's one of the birthday boy-who is sick, that's why he looks so pale. We love his smiles, his hugs, and his love for food.